Richard Bolin

Board Chaplain


Rick, as he is known, was born and raised in Arkansas. He entered the Ministry in 1980 and has pastured churches in Arkansas and Louisiana. Since answering the call to preach The Word, Brother Rick has become a much sought after evangelist throughout the state of Arkansas. He also is active in his district and state associational work. He has attended national associational conferences and is well known throughout his associational work.

Since being called to his present church, Brother Rick has led the church through a period of rapid growth. With his leadership, the church has been completely renovated and a much larger sanctuary has been added, along with several classrooms, a library, office, sound system, restrooms, and church van. The finances of the church have grown by five fold. A youth program has also been added. The church under Brother Rick’s leadership has prospered more than it has in several decades and many Souls have come to know The Lord under his Ministry.

Brother Rick has served his country in The Arkansas Army National Guard (ARNG) entering in 1972 and served until 1978. He gives his full support to our military personnel and from time to time invites active military personnel and veterans to come and speak at his church.

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