Greg Bubblis

CEO (Board of Directors)


Mr. Greg Frank Bubblis was born and raised in Arkansas. It is because of his life experiences and a burden in his heart for the men and women in uniform that The United States Soldiers Foundation (USSF) was born. Greg joined the military shortly after graduation from high school and has served on active duty or in the reserves for over sixteen (16) years. His active service includes tours of duty during the first gulf war and Iraqi Freedom. It was during this service that Greg became acutely aware of the needs of returning soldiers, veterans, and their families. He sees the many needs of our military personnel and their families, past and present, that are not being met. Therefore, in an effort to meet these needs, Greg developed and formulated a focused plan to bring relief to all those loyal patriots in need.

Greg has prepared himself well for this mission. As a very young man, he became interested in the world of finance and has become known for his ability to understand complicated financial issues in a short period of time. He has made himself familiar with the management of business and financial transactions and their related instruments. Because of the clarity of his vision for the USSF, INC, Greg has assembled a highly qualified corporate staff, many of whom are veterans. This staff is poised to activate a mighty and noble cause, solely dedicated to serving our soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Greg has a strong faith and allows his faith to guide his daily activities. He also has a great love for his family. His other activities include membership in the American Legion and volunteering for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. He likes to play softball and basketball, coaches AAU Girls basketball, and loves playing the piano and singing. Last but not least, he just loves helping people.

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