US Soldiers Foundation Mission

The mission of the USSF is to provide additional services to our soldiers, veterans and their families which are not currently being provided. Support will include assistance for the housing needs of returning veterans. This aid will be in the form of low cost mortgages. In addition, insurance, medical, dental, psychological, spiritual, and financial assistance, job placement and education/training. The United States Soldiers Foundation will also employ many veterans in projects around the country.

The United States Soldiers Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide services to our active military personnel of all branches of the service, veterans, and their families. This organization will be led by a diverse group of patriotic individuals appointed by a board of directors, who share and are committed to the same common goals of aiding and supporting returning and aging soldiers and their families.

The Chief Executive Officer Greg Bubblis and his highly qualified corporate staff are eager to support . Many of them are former members of the military. Most have served in combat operations and understand what soldiers are going through.

A message from Greg Bubblis

CEO of United States Soldiers Foundation

My fellow soldiers, veterans, and families. Thank you for choosing to visit our website. From the beginning of our nations history, our sons and daughters have pledged their sacred honor, their family fortunes, and their lives in service to this great country of ours. The price that has been paid for our freedom and pursuit of happiness has been great. Each generation has answered the call to arms in The Army, The Navy, The Marines, The Air Force, and The Coast Guard. The battle has been joined time and time again, when our Country made the call to arms.

In all of these conflicts, both small and great, all gave some and many gave all. In every one of these uprisings, the families also suffered great losses. Many fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters did not come home, leaving a great void. Many others came home with injuries that lasted a lifetime. Some you could see and some you could not see. From the beginning, efforts were made to help those who joined the battle, but even to this day those efforts are not enough. That is why I want to share with you about the U. S. Soldiers Foundation.

This foundation is dedicated to all military personnel, all veterans with an honorable discharge, and their families. There aren't enough words to express the debt of gratitude we, as a country, owe our military personnel and their families for their loyal and faithful service. I can tell you our aim is to provide the best services available to all our military community. It will take some time to mature and grow the foundation all across the country. However, our services will be made available, as soon as possible. Please pray for our success. So much depends on it.

We will not be in competition with any other organization. We simply want to make needed services available, which our military community can't get anywhere else. From time to time, I will be posting my thoughts and comments on the website. I hope you will log on, so I may share with you.

Board of Directors:

Chairman of the Board
Greg Bubblis
Board Chaplain
Richard Bolin
Board Member
Jim Slade
Board Member
Jim Lackie
Board Member
Jason Scott
Board Member
Dr. John Sentell
Board Member
Steven W. Pickering
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