Overview of the organization
This foundation
is dedicated to all military personnel, all veterans with an honorable discharge, and their families. There aren't enough words to express the debt of gratitude we, as a country, owe our military personnel and their families for their loyal and faithful service.
The USSF Goal
is to provide additional services to our soldiers, veterans and their families which are not currently being provided.

The U.S. Soldiers Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose sole purpose and goal is the aiding and supporting of U. S. Soldiers, veterans and their families in war and peace time. United States Soldiers Foundation is in the process of setting up easy and secure methods through Regions Bank to accept your contributions. We thank you for your time and help. Letís keep in mind that it is because of the soldiers we have our freedom.

There are three ways to donate. You may make a one time donation, offer reccuring monthly donations, or send a check. Our donation service is secured through PayPal to keep your personal information safe!

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